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Garden maintenance services

We provide Garden maintenance services to properties

with big gardens, small gardens, flower beds ....

Beautiful and well maintained gardens can create a great look for your home or property, not only increasing street appeal but the overall value of your property.

SunsetAlgarve gardening team can provide expert gardening services, including planting, trimming, hedging and mulching to help you create an impressive outdoor space. We also offer garden cleanups and makeovers if you need a little more help to bring your garden to life. We pride ourselves on professional and affordable services that will keep your garden looking its best.

No garden is too big or small for our expert gardeners to be involved in. Our professional are experts in garden care, garden maintenance, lawn mowing,

drought tolerance and mitigation, as well as general garden tidy ups, including rubbish and green waste removal. We can advise on water saving ideas for the harsh summer months, help with plant and tree selection and best of all, we can do all the hard work in getting it ready for you to water and look after (ok, we can do that too!).

SunsetAlgarve Gardening team  provide regular garden maintenance or help a one-off garden project. Whatever the job, our focus is to ensure that we offer each of our clients a high level of service and support across a wide range of garden maintenance services.

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